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Madlen, Bryn, and Cam are just three kids living in their worlds until they learn that they are the hope of the future.  Each of their worlds is dependant on the other, but the balance is off and it is up to them to restore it.  London House is the place that keeps it all in check and has come up with a plan to save everything: create three heroes who can find the tools needed to complete the quest and save the world.  So they do just that, but the world needs saving before the heroes are really old enough.  But it is them or nothing and so Madlen, Bryn, and Cam are sent to try and complete the quest or die trying.  Meanwhile dark forces are at work (aren’t they always) that will try to thwart the children at every turn.  A fast paced adventure novel, this book is decent if not great.  The characters are interesting even if the plot is not as smooth as it could be.  I think that though the story wrapped up neatly, there will be more in this series.  There is too much of the back story yet to be told and I presume that means the author did not have to cram it all in to this book since it would be in the next one.  We’ll see.


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