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In this companion novel to Wildwood Dancing, we delve into the story of Tati’s sister Paula.  Paula is on a trip with her father to Istanbul where they hope to procure a mythical relic called Cybele’s Secret.  But evil is afoot and when they arrive, their contact has been killed.  Soon Paula realizes that it is not just a relic she must discover, but a quest that may bring her a glimpse of her sister she has not seen in 6 years.  Paula is the scholar of the family and it is her skills as such that will ultimately lead her to her prize.  But she will have help from unexpected places and a friend that is not a friend could spell the ruin of all.  In this mystical tale, we once again glimpse a world unlike our own where the fair folk wield their power to make humans stronger.  Marillier takes the reader to Istanbul and shows us a city steeped in intrigue and fraught with peril.  A well crafted tale that is clearly a midway novel for another book about this delightful family. 


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