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Holm has done a great job with Babymouse and she does not disappoint here.  This is the story of Ginny Davis, a 7th grader, who is having a rough year.  Told through To Do lists, IMs, homework, notes, letters, and report cards, you delve into the world of Ginny and all the trials and tribulations of being in middle school.  The format reminds me of the Regarding the Fountain books by Klise.  Kids are always asking for books in this format, but there jsut aren’t a lot out there.  Though this book seems light and funny, it does have a serious undertone.  Ginny is happy, but life at home is not perfect and slowly as the year progresses, her grades and attitude slip.  Luckily she has her fairy godmother (her grandpa), her friends, and a couple teachers.  This is a rough year not only because it is 7th grade, but also because Ginny acquires a stepfather and her brother turns into a juvenile delinquent.  That would stress any girl out.  I am always surprised by how much you can learn about a character from books like this since there is not narration, you have to draw the conclusions yourself.  I really loved reading about Ginny’s life and hope that we get to heard what happens next.


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