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In this prequel to the Frog Princess books, we learn how Grassina becomes the Green Witch and how her mother becomes an evil hag.  I enjoyed learning about the characters when they were younger and still love the way Baker writes, but it was rather a sad read for me.  Having read the other books, I know that it is going to take a long, long time before things are put back right again and that can’t help but make me a bit tearful (not literally of course).  However, the characters are well drawn and the spin on fairy tales is as delightful as in the other books.  It was fun to see how everything came to be and why certain people act the way they do.  I would not recommend reading this book before the others in the series even though, chronologically, it comes first.  I think getting a sense of the characters through the Frog Princess books and then reading this one is the way to go.

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