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MacKayla Lane used to be a pretty southern belle with happy thoughts of the husband and family she would one day have filling her head.  Now she is a woman changed.  Haunted by the death of her sister, Mac has changed her life of pretty in pink to punk rock so that she can avenge her sister’s death.  Oh and did I mention she can see Fae?  After coming to Ireland to find her sister’s killer, Mac has learned that her entire life is a lie and that she is blessed (or cursed) with strange abilities.  No one is her friend, and she has many enemies, but she is determined to succeed.  This is a dark, brooding book that takes the stories of the Fae and casts them in an eery modern light.  Mac is a lovable character whose whole life has been turned upside down in a short period of time.  I look forward to seeing what Moning cooks up next for our feisty heroine. 


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