A sequel to Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Death Comes to Pemberley takes place about six years after Darcy and Elizabeth wed.  Life is good for the Darcy’s and Bingley’s.  Elizabeth is busy preparing for the annual ball given at Pemberley when her sister Lydia shows up, hysterical, claiming that her husband is dead.  Darcy goes out with Colonel Fitzwilliam and a few others to see what happened.  In Pemberley woods, they find Wickham covered in blood over his dead friend,  Captain Denny.  It appears as though Wickham is a murderer.  Darcy must step in once again to try and help though he holds no regard for Wickham.  This is the story of the investigation and trial of Wickham and the toll it takes on the Darcy’s.  A well crafted sequel that keeps to the same spirit of Austen’s original tale.


Emma Fairbourne is determined to run her father’s auction house after he dies.  Unfortunately, her father shared ownership of the auction house and now the partner wants to sell the business.  But Emma won’t allow that to happen for one simple fact…..her brother is the rightful heir to the auction house and she must preserve it for him.  He, however, has been missing for two years.  Everyone but Emma thinks he is dead.  The other owner, the Earl of Southwaite, is also on the trail of a ring of spies and smugglers and thinks that Emma might be involved.  But he is also very attracted to her.  With layers of lies and deceit, these two must learn to trust each other in order to save Emma’s brother.

This was a great one.  The sexual tension that has been brewing between Kate and the Pack Alpha finally comes to a head.  She decides to take the plunge and enter a relationship.  But when the Order forces her to choose between the Pack and the Order, Kate chooses to go with the Pack.  Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes and just because she leaves the Order, doesn’t mean that she is free and clear.  But Kate has decided to take life into her own hands and take steps to change the path her life has headed down.  This one was my favorite of the series.

Once again, Kate gets pulled into a crazy world where everything is not as it seems.  This time, she must enter an illegal tournament to save one of her friends who has been grievously injured.  She and several others, decide to take part in the Midnight Games.  It will be a fight to the death against unnaturally strong foes.  But somehow, Kate always manages to pull it all together and win the day.

Kate is now working full-time for the Order.  Her newest case puts her on the trail of a strange man.  One who can appear and disappear at will.  She soon learns that this is a much bigger issue when she is asked by the Pack to retrieve some stolen maps.  She soon learns that everything that is going on is intertwined and has something to do with a certain goddess.  Along the way, Kate picks up a stray girl whose witch mother has gone missing.  As she struggles to put the pieces together, she is also having to learn how to deal with a teenage girl.

Kate Daniels has magical powers that she uses in her job as a mercenary.  The world she lives in is a combination of technology and magic.  When the magic flares, technology is useless, but when the reverse happens, magic reigns supreme.  After her guardian is murdered, Kate is pulled in to help solve the crime.  She meets new people, including members of the Pack who can either help or harm her.  What makes these urban fantasy books so great is the depth and range of the characters in it.

The newest installment in her alpha and omega series, Fair Game is a complex novel that centers around the hunt for a serial killer.  Charles and Anna (alpha and omega) are werewolves.  Charles is the wolf that is sent to deal with people that have broken the law before the humans find out.  Since the humans now know that werewolves exist, the wolves have to be even stricter about indiscretions.  Anna realizes her husband is haunted by what he must do and pleads with his father, the Marrok, to let him rest.  So Bran sends them to help the FBI with a serial killer who is taking out fey and werewolves.  The story weaves in and out between Charles dealing with his personal demons and he and Anna trying to track down a serial killer.  A good addition to the series.