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The third book in the Cynster Sisters Series.  This one features Angelica and, while she too is kidnapped,  she decides not to object the way the others have.  Of course, her kidnapper is also the man she belives that she is meant to spend the rest of her life with.  This book takes on a different tone from the others in the series because we learn why the Earl has been pursuing the Cynster girls.  His mother wants revenge and has stolen a famed goblet that he must get back or his whole Scottish clan will be bankrupt.  The hitch is that she wants one of the girls ruined and so her honorable son has come up with a way to get the goblet back and not ruin the girl.  But this means that Angelica must agree to a deception.  Which she willingly does.  I definitely liked this one the best in the mini-series and felt that the characters were well developed.  Well done!

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