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I had never gotten around to reading this and picked it up on audio last week.  It is fascinating and talks about causality and correlation of completely uncommon items.  Ranging from real estate to sumo wrestlers, Freakonomics answers questions that I would never have thought to ask.  A fascinating read (or listen).

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I normally don’t ever write in books.  It’s just not my M.O.  However, this book was so chockfull of information, I had to highlight  things.  Thanks to Maggie for giving it to me.  It is a great book about the hazards of becoming a boss.  With real life examples and also statistical data it talks about what to do and not do.  A great book for people who manage, are interested in managing or people who have ever been managed.

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I read the short story of Diana Tregarde in the Trio of Sorcery book by Lackey a few weeks ago and decided to read the books.  There were only three books in the series, but they were enjoyable.  Diana is an interesting character and I can see how these books were revolutionary for their time.  They were originally written in the 80s and dealt with a protagonist that is an acknowledged witch, which was very rare at the time.  Clever plot lines and interesting characters make these good, but not great books.  You can definitely see how Lackey has matured as a writer.  So while I enjoyed them, they are not among my favorite Lackey books.  That honor still belongs to the Elemental Masters series.

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More a novella than a novel, this is a story about Paige and Savannah.  I really enjoyed it.  This might have been the first case that Savannah really gets involved in and it is well written.  I have yet to read something by Armstrong that isn’t fabulous.  I think it serves as a good transition from teens who liked the YA series to reading Armstrong’s adult series.

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Cotton Malone is back, but not better than ever I have to admit.  I listened to this one on audio and thought that it would be great, but I was left feeling unsatisfied.  Cotton is called in to help his friend Cassiopeia Vitt when she is kidnapped.  Soon they are traveling to the Orient to save a little boy and discover the secret of the 1st Chinese Emperor’s Tomb.  Except that it all rings a bit false.  I just was not interested.  Maybe it was the narrator, but I think it was the story line.  It didn’t grip me the way the others in the series have.  Maybe it was due to the fact that it was set in China, which I did not really know much about.  I just don’t know.  Hopefully the next will be better.

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Ok, favorite book of 2010. I couldn’t narrow it down to one so, here are my favs by genre.

Thriller: Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Larsson

Sci-Fi: All Clear by Willis

Children’s: After Ever After by Sonnenblick

Young Adult: Fallen by Kate

Romance: Sleeping Beauty by Lackey

Fantasy: Shalador’s Lady by Bishop

Mystery: 13th Hour by Doetsch

Fiction: Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Howe

And I read over 165 books this year.  Not bad.

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