The Sixty-Eight Rooms is a magical tale set in Chicago in the present day.  On a field trip to the Art Institute, Ruthie and Jack discover a key that allows them to shrink down and explore the Thorn Rooms.  The Thorn Rooms are miniature rooms from different times and places in history.  Ruthie and Jack are thrilled just to explore the rooms, but they are even more excited when they discover that the rooms are actually portals that allow them to travel to different times in history.  But how does it all work?  And has anybody been in them before?  Ruthie and Jack put together the clues to unlock the secrets of the Thorn Rooms.  A very fun read and excellent on audio.  Great for fans of Indian in the Cupboard or From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.



I listened to this book and I quite enjoyed it on playaway.  It is the story of a woman who is still dealing with the scars of being almost abducted and killed by a serial killer.  He is now in jail, but someone else has decided to take the reins up where he left off.  Fiona has made a life for herself after what happened.  She teaches dog obedience classes while working as a volunteer for a canine rescue unit.  But when a new killer seems to target her, she will have to be braver than she has ever been.  Luckily, there is a new man in her life that should help her face her darkest fears.  This is a suspense novel, but also a love story between Fiona and Simon.

This book is told through the eyes of Camille, a witch and sister of Delilah and Menolly.  She is happily married now to her three husbands, but that doesn’t mean she gets a break from hunting the bad guys.  She has a better control of her magic, but things can still go haywire.  But, when she is captured by her dragon husband’s father, her life will turn upside down.  Imprisoned and abused, Camille has no way to reach out to her husband’s or her friends.  But they are definitely searching for her.  It will be a battle of wills between Camille and her father-in-law.  Will she be strong enough to withstand him or will she wither under his abuse?

In this book, we see the world from Menolly’s point of view.  As a vampire and former spy, she has many useful talents.  But this time, she may have to call on a higher power to help.  When ghosts start killing people, she must call on one of the Elder Fae for a favor.  But you can’t bargain with the Elder Fae and hope to leave unscathed.  However, Menolly is committed to helping the humans and paranormal in the world and to do that she must do everything in her power to stop the ghosts.  Add in a mega-hot girlfriend, a guy looking for more than just friends with benefits, and a middle aged vampire who is her daughter, and you have lots of complications.  Of course, her sisters are there to help, as always, and somehow she fill find a way to fix things.  Hopefully before someone really gets hurt.

Delilah, along with her two sisters, is trying to track down spirit seals to protect the world from an invasion of the Fae.  Life has been hard, but they have stuck together.  Delilah, a werecat and Death Maiden, is adjusting to her new duties and starts being trained to be a Death Maiden, the only one to ever do her work while still amongst the living.  She has bigger issues on her plate though, such as a magical drug that serves to turn wolves crazy.  What is nice about these books is that they tell the stories of the three sisters and each book showcases a different point of view.

Kate Daniels has a new job and a new life.  She is now mated to the Beast Lord and must perform new duties such as presiding over disputes and displaying her dominance.  But, an even bigger change is that she is now running her own business.  However, business has not been great.  When she is asked to do a job for the vampires, Kate thinks it will be a quick case, but it soon turns into something much more.  Once again Kate is embroiled in a battle between different types of creatures and she will need to use all of her wits and even her friends wits to figure it all out and save the day again.

The stunning conclusion to the Ephemera series.  The final tale in this epic fantasy chronicles the story of Lee, Belladonna’s cousin and friend.  He is the only one who still feels he has not found a place in the world and who must continue to bear the burden of keeping the world safe.  But one day, he is taken hostage and he must determine what path he will walk.  He meets a girl who is not one, but three, and it is with her and the other friends he meets that he must forge his own destiny.  Whether it will lead him back to his own family or to another place, will be discovered with time.  As always,  Bishop’s books are multi-faceted and filled with rich characters, plots, and settings.  Just when you think you have a world she has created figured out, she throws something new at you.  This was a very satisfying ending to this trilogy.  Although, I do hope that like the Black Jewels series, she writes more books set in this world.